MACEE-Fulbright Malaysia 50th Anniversary Gala

On June 21, 2013, MACEE-Fulbright Malaysia celebrated its 50th anniversary in Kuala Lumpur. The gala was a celebration of 50 years of “bridging the Pacific” through a dynamic partnership that has grown and changed through the decades in service of the mission to bring Malaysia and the United States closer together. The accomplishments of the Malaysian and American Fulbright grantees and the unique history of MACEE were showcased in a book that was unveiled at the gala.

The event was attended by the US Ambassador to Malaysia, Datuk Paul Jones and numerous prominent Fulbright alumni including Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Ani Arope, Dato Dr Balwant Singh Gendeh and Muhammad Haji Salleh amongst others. Also present were the American Fulbright Scholars and Fulbright English Teaching Assistants who closed the event with their rendition of a Terengganu folk song, Ganu Kite.

From the left: Dato’ Dr Balwant Singh Gender, Ambassador Paul Jones and Dr. Ong Kian Ming
ETAs with their rendition of a Terengganu song, Ganu Kite
Fulbright Asian Scholar In-Residence Program, Lewis Pragasam on the drums
ETAs, Chris Muyo and Ruth Kloha doing a Waltz
ETAs, Ahmad Hamad and Kelsey Grab
ETA, Justin Galle during his interview with RTM

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